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    Welcome to the Lotus Minecraft Server.
    Here we foster important values such as community, fun, and friendship.
    We are a growing eSports community, founded in 2020, specializing in many games, and weve decided to make a minecraft server.
    [p]We have quests for you to complete in a large survival enviroment and a large economy that is growing every day.
    We have a shop with many ranks and a massive world for you to explore.

    Player Shops
    Rank Shop
    Land Claiming
    And much more.

    IP: play.lotussurvival.com
    Discord: https://discord.gg/WHgCgtu3eA

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    Hello there.

    I am one of the owners of a large upcoming smp survival server. We have alot of premium advertising waiting. And we expect alot of players. We hosted a server before with a average of 120 players online at the same time. We have a good developer and payed for our designs and spawns. Also we payed for advertising and are almost ready to open up to the public. We are currently looking for:


    - moderators: keeping our server and chat save. Assisting players and baning people that brake the rules.


    - developer: helping our main dev with making plugins and creating new cool stuff.


    - builders: building spawns and events for our server.


    - admin: helping to lead the server and staff members. And guiding new staff members.


    If you are interested add me on discord. My name is on the bottom of this message. Send me a dm with all your info and the reason why you want to be staff. Also tell me what staff role you are interested in. See ya soon.


    Discord: JustSteff#0862

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