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    Okay, nobody's crazy like me. I made a modpack that might be used in my own stream next month, but I started this early to get permissions from mod creators. My pack has like 254 mods on 1.12.2!

    My problem is: Twitch doesn't allow me to set the RAM higher than 12GB. I overwritten it in the "minecraftinstance.json" but it overwrites my changes when I clicked "play". It updates both the "last-played" and "memory" values. But my pack isn't happy with 12GB of ram, and I'd like to set it up to 16GB. I know what I'm doing and 16GB is totally affordable since I have 64GB in general.

    How to work around this limit?

    P.S. Please do not suggest editing the memory manually every single time, that's stupid. We all want automation and that's why we choose Twitch Desktop App for creating modpacks, to make our lives easier, aren't we?

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