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    Server IP:
    Server Version 1.15.2
    Project Reality


    About us:
    We are proud to present a project that has come to an end after a long time and a great investment.
    The professionalism ... the perseverance ... the sacrifice... Those things what made it work, I Daniel the builder of the server and Steven the
    Owner and programmer.
    The content of the server was simple and nostalgic, the concept is to survive, make money, work and mostly collaborate with people.
    Server systems
    Special and excellent system! plugins that you won't find on any server! amazing construction, it took a lot of time and effort to create the ultimate experience for you!


    Why Should you join Project Reality family:
    Mature and responsible staff.
    Many years of experience from the alpha and beta versions
    Know what the audience wants and so do we.
    Professional-level construction.
    Premium plugins.
    Stable hosting.
    We will answer every request and problem that will arise on the server as fast as we can.


    What the purpose of the server is:
    The main mode is a Survival on which plugins have been embedded to create a role-play experience.
    The main goal is to survive and collaborate with the other survivors of the game to create a trading system
    Resilient economically that will allow the survivors to continue to rise in the Ranks, as do the areas in the city
    The survivors will be used for trading and building a home.


    Ranking system:
    The system is a unique and system we created.
    As the survivors of the game, the Ranks will accompany you this will be your progress in the game so they will open for you more options such as:
    Breaking spawners, changing time, opening stores, etc...
    The purpose of the system is to bring the player desire to move forward on the server, the more Ranks you get, the more abilities you will have.
    If you want to buy a rank all you need to do is to pay the amount he costs and play the number of hours he asks you.
    for example:
    Rank Private
    4 Hours
    $ 25,000
    If you need any help we got helper that would be more then glad to help you. we also got guides on the spawn.
    We will always be ready to answer and be responsive to your every request.


    No cursing.
    No spamming.
    Hacks should not be used.
    Respect the staff and the other players.
    Behave accordingly (respect one another).
    No advertise.
    Any player breaking rules will be punished according to the severity of the act.


    General Information :
    The server is a universal server that will be published worldwide and its main language will be English.
    Discord: Can find in the game.
    Server Version: 1.8 - 1.15.2
    Server Type: Roleplay Survival
    Connection form: IP Connection.
    The server is open:
    We would like you to visit us!
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