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    posted a message on Q-Craft looking for new players! 16+ prefered

    Server details

    IP: The server is whitelisted.

    Server location: Europe

    Gamemode: Survival

    Minimum age: No minimum age, we prefer 16+ tho.

    Discord: Will be given once you go through the preselection (See contact)



    We at Q-Craft are looking for new active players, the server is SMP based and is whitelisted with a small active community already playing. Due to some recent setbacks, we are open for applications again. We are Hermitcraft oriented therefore we look for any active players who would like to join and extend our community. World-saves are on and we create daily backups. Cheating is not allowed so is hacking. We operate 4 plugins in a total of which 2 are inaccessible and for maintenance only and 2 are stated down here. We have irregular events like build off and a small market place.

    We operate 2 plugins to keep it simple:

    • Essentials X (Mostly for /back and /nick.)

    • SinglePlayeSleep


    No Griefing

    No Cheating/hacking

    If you can act mature so any age is allowed.

    Discord is a must-have.


    If you're interested, fill out the google form provided down here or contact me on discord (Eppich207/Martin#7553) and we´ll contact you ASAP so we can start selecting our candidates.


    Yours sincerely Q-Craft.

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