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    I was finding a new server to play with, and I found this server. Then I tried to hop in play on skyblock for about one week and it feels like this server have a great potential to become an amazing. The owner himself is a great guy and very open to any players suggestion. He is dedicated person for making this server more unique and enjoyable for all players in the future.Yep, we also have great built inside server and also beautiful hub.

    Im currently playing on prison server while waiting new spawn for skyblock. Yesnew spawn! Cant wait! :)

    So, what are you waiting for?
    Come along with us and join our server.Trust me, its worth it. 
    Help us improve our server for better and unique gameplay in the future.
    Small server but great staff and community.
    Let's go!

    Join us!

    Discord Channel: discord.gg/bsrUZvU

     Server IP: razor-network.mcpro.io

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