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    Hey guys! Brutal-HC is a NEW unique Ultimate Hardcore Survival Minecraft server. What makes our server unique from other UHC servers? Well, some of the features our server has are:​
    • Temperature​
      • Campfires, Torches, Furnaces, Smokers, Blast Furnaces all put off a form of warmth.​
      • Leather armor now serves a purpose by keeping you warm in cold locations​
      • Soul campfires & Soul torches are now used to keep you cool while in the nether!​
      • Night times get cold, so you better bundle up!​
    • Thirst​
      • Drinkable water​
      • Limitations on how you can fill your water bottles​
    • Buffed mobs​
    • Custom Mob drops​
    • And much more to be added!​
    Why was Brutal-HC created?
    Brutal-HC was created for people who wanted more of a challenge when it comes to game, I personally think beating vanilla minecraft is just too easy, so I came up with a unique twist do making the game just a bit more difficult if you will. ;)

    What positions are you currently looking for?
    We're currently looking for:​
    • Manager - 2/2
    •  Player Support - 2/2
    • Administrators - 1/2​
    • Moderators - 2/2​
    Please DM me or leave your discord below if you're interested!
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