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    Hey just an update for everyone. The discord server is currently at 28 members. I expect around 10 of those members to actually be active on the world. I think an ideal small community SMP has around 20-30 active members so please everyone you're more than welcome to join! The current world is 2 weeks old but we will probably start with a fresh new world over the weekend to accommodate the new players. If you have any suggestions or concerns, there is a place for you to voice them in the discord server.

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    Some quick general info first:

    • PVP is not bannable but is strongly discouraged! initiating injust PVP will have consequences for your actions like negative reputation and facing court!

    • Please try to keep the world beautiful. Cover up creeper holes and don't build ugly 1x1 towers or lava casts! This isn't an anarchy server.


    • Moderation & server maintanence plugins
    • Anti exploit
    • Anti hacked clients
    • Responsive anti grief


    • AFK Display (Greys your name on scoreboard if you're standing still for too long.)
    • Anti Enderman Grief (Prevents enderman from picking up blocks.)
    • Cauldron Concrete (Toss concrete powder into a cauldron with water and it will turn to concrete.)
    • Multiplayer Sleep (Only one player has to sleep for night to be skipped.)
    • Player Head Drops (You drop your head when killed by another player.)
    • Spawning Spheres (Use [/function ss:create/green_sphere] to create a visual sphere around your position that highlights mob spawning ranges.)
    • Unlock All Recipes (You can see all crafting recipes with the green book in your inventory screen.)

    Rules: (This is summarized. The full rules are in the discord server)

    No exploits (exceptions allowed like breaking bedrock and tnt duping), no cheating, etc

    About me:

    Hello everyone! I've played Minecraft since it was the beta and played in a lot of SMPs over the years so I like to think I have quite a bit of experience on them. I decided to start my own after seeing the mistakes that some owners make in running their servers and thought I could do better. I want to create an environment where the aim isn't just to play on a server, but for the server to be an icebreaker for you to make meet people and make friends.

    In order for the server to be the best quality for the players, I've done my research to make sure it's lag, cheat, and exploit free. The full list of rules are in the discord server but I'll sum it up to say that if intend to play the game fairly, you won't have any worries.

    Server Status:

    We have about 20 total members with a almost 1000 day old world. The server is very lonely sometimes because there is only like 5 active members on at any time which is why I recently decided to do A LOT of recruiting on many platforms. In a few days, I will be sending out a poll on the discord server if we should restart the world in consideration for the influx of new members.

    I hope I didn't bore you too much. This was a bit of a rough draft :(. You'll get a lot more info on the discord server where I am always active on: https://discord.gg/QDm6j8VxZ6

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