• Sep 17, 2018

    Adds a version of the vanilla Crafting Table that can be accessed by automation

  • Sep 16, 2018

    malilib is a library mod required for masa's Liteloader mods

  • Sep 16, 2018

    Adds a block that vanishes between a configurable time-of-day window

  • Sep 13, 2018

    Register custom dimensions to the game and/or use per-world gamerules, time, weather etc.

  • Jul 9, 2018

    A tiny mod that allows moving items in inventory GUIs by scrolling the mouse wheel

  • Jul 6, 2018

    Miscellaneous utility items and blocks, many are inventory or storage related.

  • Jul 3, 2018

    Tweakeroo adds various client-side tweaks for Minecraft, for example flexible and fast block placement, hotbar swap, hand restock etc.

  • Jun 18, 2018

    Items control everything

  • Jun 9, 2018

    Automatically run commands or generate and place simple structures on world creation

  • May 25, 2018

    Small informational mod primarily intended for mod pack makers or mod developers

  • May 7, 2018

    A small, somewhat configurable HUD mod to display some of the F3 debug screen's information

  • Mar 15, 2018

    Allows tweaking some explosion properties, like the item drop chance

  • Jan 27, 2018

    Painted Biomes allows using image templates for the biome layout

  • Oct 21, 2017

    A client-side mod to show a preview of the block-to-be-placed

  • Sep 22, 2017

    Several commands to edit or fix Minecraft worlds