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    Hello, Forge community. This is my first thread on CurseForge, and I think this is a pretty important topic. So Forge has been weird lately. Some of the mods are working while some are not.

    In the attached image, there are all my modifications for Minecraft Forge 1.8.9, the version I want to fix.

    Forge Version: 1.8.9 -

    This happened right after I made the switch to using Normal Size GUI instead of Large Size GUI, although I tried to switch back to Large and see if the mods were working, and no, they did not work.

    I know that ALL of the mods were coded for Forge 1.8.9 specifically.

    For example, the Vanilla Enhancements mod, a really useful utility mod, uses /veconfig to open the GUI. There is just no response, no "Unknown Command, type /help for help." Just... nothing pops up. It's like the mod doesn't even exist. When I look through the mods list in-game, all of the mods, working or not working, show up, but when it comes to actually USING the mod, nothing happens. I tried to see if it was something wrong with the commands or something by doing /wnefnuqwiunnihhiwef, but that DID say "Unknown command, type /help for help." So, I'm just perplexed. 

    Another example is the Keystrokes Mod v4 mod, which shows the keystrokes on your keyboard. Again, it is made for 1.8.9 (it was made by Sk1er, feel free to see what it should look like if it DID work), so nothing is wrong with compatibility. The syntax is "/keystrokesmod", which results in settings popping up to customize the looks.

    There is nothing wrong with the resource packs, shaders (I don't use them anyways), or compatibility. I really feel like there is something wrong with how Forge runs the mods, because it's not working properly. Thank you for any future support! <3 :D 


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