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    posted a message on Stolen mod still not taken down after 2 monthes (and keeps getting downloads)

    Hello there !

    I have created a mod called "minepix reborn" 2 monthes ago, which you can find on either of these links:





    And here is the stolen one: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/minepix-reborn-new-blocks-items-mobs-tools-armors


    Here's some proof:

    -Both of the first links i've first posted are mine, the actual author (Maxmos)

    -The stolen submission's text is literally a lazy copy/pasted version of mine

    -It hasn't been updated while I have updated both of these submissions on the same day, June 23rd

    -Even though I may have posted my mod on curseforge later than wolferus did, i still posted it on planetminecraft earlier than him (which is obvious since it's the first submission that was ever made for my mod)



    Despite multiple reports from me and some other people, it hasn't been taken down up to this day, and it still fools people. For instance, a few weeks ago I saw that there suddenly was a gap of 100 downloads between my submission and the stolen one on curseforge (while it's usually 50 because i posted it a bit later), and the reason for that was because a youtube video showcasing my mod had linked my mod to the stolen submission, not mine. So I had to correct them in the comments and link them to the actual submissions, but I wouldn't like to do this everytime a new video about it is up... It's obviously not their fault at all, but I'm just mad that this Wolferus guy stole it and got away so easily with it for now 2 monthes and keeps fooling people.


    So, hopefully it'll be taken down xD I know it seems like i'm a bit over-reacting for such a mod like mine, but I'm just frustrated that the stolen submission is still up after all this time...


    Thanks for the taking the time to read my ticket, and I would be very grateful if someone could do something about it ! :)

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    posted a message on How long does it take for a ressource pack to be approved ?

    Hello there !

    The title says it all, it's just a quick question because after posting it yesterday, my ressource pack got reviewed under 2 minutes, and i had to make a change (which was removing the versions in the title of my ressource pack) which I have done a minute after receiving a notification, but it's now been over 32 hours since it says it's being "reviewed", so yeah I just wanted to know if that's a bug or if it really takes that long to approve it

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