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    Like the title says. I made a pack but the angel ring is not working. And I did change the config for it to not need xp or anything else. when I put one on in game and double tap space bar I just jump high. But no flight. I feel like there is another mod that is disabling it or something. 

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    Hello everyone. Like the title says, I'm looking for a friendly no-pvp no-griefing modded server to play on and share build ideas. Im usually the guy to wander off and find a place to set up a base. But still be somewhat close to others. Maybe collaborate on some builds! Just looking for something long running. I have been on to many servers were it is busy for a month or 2. Then I'm the only one playing on it. I dont get on as much as I'd like to. But I get on when ever I can. Thank you.


    Even a creative modded server I'd be down for. 

    Also a couple friends of mine are looking for the same  thing. If that's ok. 

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