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    I'm by no means an expert -- I just finished making my first. But since over 50 people have looked and you've gotten no replies....


    What I did:

    Under the "my modpacks" tab in the Twitch launcher - click "create custom profile", give it a name and choose which version you want. 

    click on the new profile to view it.

    My internet is bunk, so I wasn't able to add to my pack directly from Twitch. (just hit the "get mods" button and browse/install from there)


    If you can't get that to load --- 

    Find the folder that you just made -- top right of the profile page, hit the dots and click "open folder" - add any downloaded mods (the .jar files - don't forget to make sure you download the version to go with the version of Minecraft that you used) to the "mods" folder there.


    I don't know how to fix recipe conflicts, so I can't help with that. I did have a couple of errors where I didn't get the dependencies, but just read the screen and it will tell you what you need if you miss something.


    I am also no publishing mine for other people to use... so I can't help with that either.


    Good luck!

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    posted a message on Really silly question regarding chest recipes

    **NOOB ALERT**


    OK, so I'm making my first (personal use) mod pack and I've come across something weird. I'm not sure if it's a mod that I'm using or what, but I can only craft chests out of oak wood? Is this the normal way - I've only ever played modded with downloaded mod packs - or is it a mod that I've put in that's doing it? If it's the normal way, how would I go about changing it? If it's a mod, which one and how do I fix/change it? 


    I know... Silly, but annoying as all get out.

    If this is posted in the wrong place, please don't be a jerk, just link me to the proper place.


    Thanks bunches!


    Minecraft 1.10.2 Forge


    Mods installed:



    Better Builders Wands


    Builders Guides

    Client Tweaks


    Code Chicken Core

    Cooking for Blockheads

    Craftable Loot Bags

    Creeper Confetti


    Dynamic Trees

    Dynamic Lights

    Flour Power




    Instant Pickup

    Inventory Pets

    Inventory Sorter

    Item Finder

    Journey Map

    Just Another Crafting Bench

    Just Enough Items




    More Shears

    Mouse Tweaks

    nature's Compass

    Not Enough Items

    Open Harvest

    Pam's get All the Seeds

    Pam's Harvestcraft

    Peaceful Plus

    Portable Crafting

    Quick Leaf Decay

    Realistic Terrain Generation

    Rotten Flesh to Leather

    Saplings to Charcoal



    Simple Barrrels

    Sleeping Bag

    Storage DFrawers

    Simple Crafting Frame

    Terrain Crystals


    Tool Head Swapper




    Utility Worlds



    Waila Harvestability


    Wearable Backpacks





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