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    posted a message on Looking for build team members! [MCVantage.Net] 1.16.4 | PG-13

    Works with both Java & Bedrock Editions
    IP: MCVantage.Net
    How are you?

    MCVantage is growing like crazy and we have opened our applications for builders!


    In order to improve the server for our community, we need new staff/builders.
    We have two primary projects: a 1:1 Hong Kong Disneyland Recreation & a Custom City.


    If you are interested, please check out our Website & Join our Discord!
    Thanks for your time! Can't wait to see you become apart of our community! Oh, and I might add, we are chill, and you always build at your own pace!
    Please Apply Below :)
    1. Minecraft Name:
    2. Images of builds:
    3. Discord Name:
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    posted a message on MCVantage.Net 1.16.4 Java & Bedrock | CREATIVE | SURVIVAL | SKYBLOCK | ROLEPLAY | PG-13 | Free WorldEdit!
    Works with both Java & Bedrock Editions 
    IP: MCVantage.Net
    How are you?
    At MCVantage, our motto is simple:
    "Give our community what they want!"

    Chill, Non-Toxic, Never Pay2Win Server for Creative, Skyblock, Survival, and More!

    From Free WorldEdit to an awesome community, this is THE ultimate Minecraft Experience!

    Check out our Website & Join our Discord!

    Additional Features:

    Creative | VoxelSniper | Free WORLDEdit | Schematics | Heads | Plots | Builder's Utilities | Free Skill-Based Ranks |

    Survival | Vanilla | Grief Protection | Player Market | Blood Moon | PVP Arena |

    Skyblock | Classic | Co-op | PVP Arena |

    Roleplay | Hong Kong Disneyland | Rides | Fireworks | Quests |
    | Cosmetics | Pets | Economy |


    Kindly Review Us In the Replies!
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