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    My name is Lukas and I am developing a network a while ago. We have a server being developed, an MMORPG.We want to create a professional, quality and excellence network. I have a high standard of quality and I expect the same from the partners. Relax, I will not charge absurdities on your part! I am a helpful person, I like to teach and I will help, but I certainly can not associate people with no experience.

    How will it work?
    Well, you should already have a server in mind or a finished project (or almost). I want GameMasters, that is, server owners. You will have your server inside the network and you can make any modifications you want, provided you follow the rules imposed by the network.

    And profit, how does it work?
    As we will split the network expenses, each one will earn his% of the profits.

    How do I join the network?
    Contact me, let's talk. You're going to show me your server, if you have an interesting project, innovations and quality, you're inside.

    Ps: Guys, this is an ambitious project, and the network's focus is to bring DIFFERENT servers to the public. I'm really excited and dedicating a lot to this project. I expect the same level of focus from the associates

    - We will only accept GameMasters older than 16 years
    - We will share the same discord, website and etc.

    Why did I want to do this society?
    Well, I've always enjoyed working on my own, but I understood that alone is not enough. I want a big network and I'm sure I will not be able to manage everything by myself. I want a good team to make this server grow up! 

    If you are interested or need more informations, please contact me. 

    (Click to see my project)

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