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    Welcome to Theos Smp!


    Our Smp is chaotic because it has two unique plugins, The Theos plugin, And the LifeSteal Plugin.


    Theos plugin explenation: At the beginning of the server, each member receives a God role with a special potion effect/ability. For example, Zeus has permanent strength 1. There are several god roles, such as Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, etc.Upon killing a player, they will drop a Theos token, which can be used to create Theos Might, which has a further positive effect and will get you on the next stage. Stage 3 has the best abilities.You got to be strategic with your choice of God roles, and think of how to combine them with your teammates powers for powerful combinations and strategies. When you die to a player you lose a stage.There is a maximum of four stages that can be obtained. 


    To apply, join this discord server and make a 30 second to 2 minute app, or fill in the google app form.


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