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    Rather belated, but that might well have been a bug or limit back in 1.7.10.  In more recent versions, it certainly does work.  You might also check your config.

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    In reply to Forge_User_23084588:

     I'm sure it's possible, but I suspect that would rapidly become rather annoying.  You may be better off going for the mod Time HUD, which puts the time on the player's screen clientside.
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    The  late (1.8.9), lamented "The Little Things" had vertical slabs, walls slabs and stairs of most anything, and the ability to combine two different slabs in the same blockspace.


    What I'd love to see would be someone solving the general problem(s):

    1. Figure out how to dynamically generate slabs/vertical slabs/stairs/walls from arbitrary blocks.  They'd inherit at least the hardness and transparency of their archetype.  Bonus points for inheriting other behavior of the parent block, such as redstone power, sand-like falling (might convert a stair to a slab :) ), or even tile entity behavior.  Yeah, some of that won't be practical -- half a piston?  but the more the better.
    2. Allow these dynamically generated textures to be automatically overridden by resource packs, so people can fix the worst botches. :-)
    3. Having done this, have a config system to select which vanilla and mod blocks receive this treatment, specifying such points as whether they get a wall or a fence, and perhaps manually specifying some of the special behavior.
    4. Taking it to the next level, allow for blocks to be completely config-specified: name and all the block parameters, including classes such as "full block", "wall", "fence", "passable" (e.g., torches or grass), etc.  Textures by name or texture pack.  Optionally, allow multiple textures or colorable overlays in textures.
    5. Also allow such a named block (including the dynamically generated walls and such) to automatically replace itself with something else, so you can change your Mark I "cinderblock"s into Mark II "cement brick:black".
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    Please note that the mod Ruins does put some pirate ships on the ocean surface and floor.  If you use Jordan Peacock's ruins pack as well, he adds more stuff on the ocean bottom, and at least one structure that stretches from ocean bottom to surface.


    Also, one of Quark's tweaks is simply to let guardians spawn anywhere in the oceans, which certainly makes oceangoing more dangerous!  Forget about "drop to the bottom and spend the night by a couple of fenceposts"!  (Me, I've been using a PSI spell to blow up the guardians, which works but is trickier than it sounds.  And I recently picked up Water Breathing.)  I think Quark has its own pirate ship, too.

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