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     Piracy on what? I created on my own using tlauncher and this is a cracked and pirate of minecraft. and as well it worked

    I imported it to curseforge app and exported it and it looks like they a will accept it because I got a notifications saying that I need to change the description and let it say about this project. BTW this is my first time making the project

     They said this:


    This project requires changes in order to be approved. Until the changes are made and the project is approved by a moderator, the project will not be visible to others, and its files will not synchronize across CurseForge.

    Your project, <My project name> (https://legacy.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/dlux-dynamic), requires changes before it can be approved:

    Optifine is not a CurseForge hosted mod, therefore we do not allow to include it (file level) on projects / files.

    To clarify, you can recommend users to install it (externally) when using your project / modpack.

    Your project requires a better Description and Summary. You can change this by clicking Settings above the description in the project page.

    The project Summary must be in English, and should give a quick 1 sentence idea what the mod is, but not as detailed as the description.

    The project summary should not contain these facts:
    - Instructions
    - Personal messages
    - Just name of the mod/author
    - Version numbers
    - Me and my friends (etc) is not a valid summary

    The project description must contain these facts:
    - Features offered by the project.
    - How those features affect a user's experience.

    Be as thorough as possible with your Description, and avoid vague statements. Potential users should have a reason to consider using what you are offering.

    Things which do not qualify as a valid description:
    - Links to demonstration videos.
    - Links to descriptions of your project on another site.
    - Names of or links to other projects. These provide no explanation of what your project does, without prior knowledge of those projects.
    - An advertisement.


    If you have any questions please contact our support team https://support.curseforge.com.

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    I uploaded a modpack for 1.12.2 in May 29 and some weeks later (I was busy with something or not looking to curseforge)  I saw a message says the modpack has been rejected in May 29 because there is no metadata.json file so I added it and I am waiting now

    The modpack sides is 290.22 MB large with an additional file is TLauncher installer and it is 22.57 MB large.

    How long should it take?

    My modpack have 97 mods


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