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    I'm the owner of the KaminariCraft.

    I have just created a server. It is about a month old and it is 1 week public.

    My core idea of the server is, for it to be community driven, LGBTQ+ and family friendly and overall a safe place for anyone.

    For nwoow we offer surival vanilla with custom terrain generation, custom structures, server driven economy, mailboxex, grief prevention and teams.

    For more in-depth details you will have to join.

    Server is in PUBLIC BETA

    server IP is test.kaminaricraft.com

    If you have any suggestions please join the discord via command /discord (in-game) and write your suggestion.

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    ➡️Unique map

    ➡️Unique mobs

    ➡️Unique quests and achivements

    ➡️Unique look

    ➡️Unique minecraft

    ➡️Over 2000 custom items, ores and minerals

    ➡️Java and Bedrock Cross-Play

    ➡️24/7 online


    All and more of that, but nothing from you.


    Play modded server with vanilla luncher today on MGNetwork server


    JAVA: play.mgnetwork.online

    BEDROCK: bed.mgnetwork.online:19132

    DISCORD: https://discord.gg/SWaVmBgPDM

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    Welcome to promotional thread of brand new Minecraft server network called MGNetwork.

    On all of our server we feature visualisation of intractable blocks (crafting table, furnace etc...), which means you are able to see, what is going on "inside" the block (You can see what player is crafting on a crafting table, where items are placed and what was crafted)

    On our server you will be able to experience

    -Unique survival gameplay featuring jobs, quests, custom enchantments and lock system.
    -Factions gameplay featuring all survival mechanics including raiding.
    -Minigames server featuring:
    ~Survival games (From small to huge arenas, also able to play in teams)
    ~BedWars with custom shop items and spawners
    ~Hide and seek with different hiding blocks for each arena and 1-2 seekers.
    ~Among US featuring real maps and mechanics like in the real game.
    ~PartyGames which allows you to play with up to 16 players per party and compete in 21 different minigames
    -Prison server with custom made mines (mines per rank), ranks, unique quests, robbing, drugs etc... (Its really complicated)

    Our discord has self-made bot, so all info shared in a support ticket, music listened etc... will not be shared with anyone. You are safe to provide your less personal data (Never post your account password anywhere, neither any of your personal information), since all data is stored in a database on a different server.

    Servers are being worked on and updated weekly (progress is annoucned on discord channel every Sunday).

    We have a friendly staff team, with which you are able to play with. We want to be part of your gameplay, part of your story on the server and work on the server from the feedback we will get.

    The server is fan made and driven by ideas from staff team members and playerbase. We want to hear your suggestions, so if you have any, open a ticket. Please. 

    The server is also not and never will be pay-to-win. We do not support such mechanics and is also against EULA. VIP ranks on our server features stuff, that does not effect the gameplay. VIP players can create their own private worlds, access the server while is in maintenance, have a priority queue and some better gear in minigames and private mine in prison server but that is pretty much it. Factions and Survival server will not feel any superiority of VIP players, while minigames and prison may a bit, but nothing game changing. VIP ranks are setup, so we can give something back to you for helping the server. 
    All funds generated via donations or buying ranks will go towards paying for hosting, upgrading the server hardware, implimenting new plugins and mechanics. No staff team member will ever be payed since it is a volunteer server and staff positions are volunteered. 

    We will try our best to provide you a 19+ TPS gameplay. Our network speeds are blazing fast so all EU players can except a ping from low as 20ms to up to 70ms, players from US can except around 120ms.

    Join our discord server. You can message me directly about all the questions regarding the server or if you have issues, open a support ticket.

    DISCORD: https://discord.gg/taU9wg26Sf


    Hope to see you on the server


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