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    From my experience when it comes to the resource packs you have the vanilla pack and a add-on for a mod pack (I'm thinking of Sphax, because thats what I use). Download the Vanilla version and the version for the mod pack you are using. Navigate to the Resource Packs folder and add both of them. Launch the game and add the select the vanilla version first then select the mod pack version. Let me know if this helps.



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    I have ran servers before, so I'm not entirely new to this. I run from a Mac. I have downloaded the pack and I am having issues running it. I have done the following:


    Unzip the 'SkyFactory_4_Server_4.0.5.zip' file into a folder on the desktop

    Opened 'settings.sh' and adjusted the minimum RAM to 4096M, and maximum to 8192M (4GB-8GB RAM)

    Changed 'Install.sh' to 'Install.command' to run the script


    Terminal then gives me this prompt:


    /Users/Mikey/Desktop/SkyFactory_4_Server_4.0.5/Install.command ; exit;
    Michaels-Mac-Pro:~ Mikey$ /Users/Mikey/Desktop/SkyFactory_4_Server_4.0.5/Install.command ; exit;
    /Users/Mikey/Desktop/SkyFactory_4_Server_4.0.5/Install.command: line 4: ./settings.sh: No such file or directory

    [Process completed]


    I don't think I'm crazy, settings.sh looks fine. I downloaded it again and have the same issue.

    On my Windows PC, I can do the following:


    Run the 'Install.bat' file (downloads the required jars

    run the 'StartServer.bat' (downloads the EULA)

    run the 'StartServer.bat' (it starts the server)


    So I cant tell what I'm doing wrong to run this on my mac, because I want to run it from the computer I'm not playing on.


    Any help would be appreciated!



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