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    posted a message on Greener grass mods?

    I was wondering if anybody knows of a mod that adds greener grass like quark. (preferably for 1.8)

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    posted a message on looking for a two mods

    Is there a wailia (type) mod where you have to learn about the thing you're looking at before seeing all the details? Example: you look at a mob, but the health and name are not there until you punch it.

    Also, what is the mod in RLCraft that makes it so you cannot see your cords? 

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    posted a message on How long does modpack approval usually take?

    Hello, I have submitted  a modpack for moderator approval but it's been a day or so but it it still hasn't been approved and of coarse i know it takes more then a day to be approved i'm not a idiot. BUT modpacks I've submitted before we never reviewed and were also approved in 1 day.  So I was just WONDERING whats the USUAL time of wait for this? 

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