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    Quote from ysncompany >>

    Generally this is an issue pointing at the server being lagged to death. Increase RAM if you can. Add a world border. Pregen chunks if you can. Etc etc etc

     Thanks for the Reply, i know about the world border thing i will try that but im not sure what you mean or how i would "pregen chunks" i know what chunks are and i assume pregening them would mean loading them before joining? or something like that


    but how would i go about that?


    also i cant really add more RAM since only have 8GB and a skinny bank account so more Ram isent really an option


    also i would like to add, that in the sevrer as i said i have 3GB running the server and 4GB for running the game question is, which one should i give more ram the server or my minecraft instance?


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    My Private MC Forge server with just me and some friends keeps randomly crashing


    thats the crash report


    the server is running with 3GB of ram

    and i have 4GB running minecraft


    the server has about 87 mods


    i just want to know whats causing these crashes, i dont thinik its ram related although it does say "Cant keep up..." thing alot, but it dosent really lag at all


    pls send help

    my guess is that theres a mod in the server thats client side only or that dosent work with another mod so if you could please respond and help i would love you



    P.S i can run the server fine with even 4 people on it but right when i join my computer has a stroke and crashes the server, and sometimes the game, and if im REALLY unlucky (this has only happend 1ce) it crashes my whole PC

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    so me and the boys want to do a minecraft modded survival, and i made us a little private modpack with around 70-80 mods or so
    now, when i play single player, the game runs almost perfectly, maybe a few lag spikes every couple of mins but not bad at all,

    now when im hosting a server and playing with the boys it lags, about 3x as much,


    still defenatly playable, but just really annoying to play with,

    is there some kind of server setting or somthing i can use to lower online lag, i actually had around 100 mods on the server and it laged just as much as it does with 80 (i removed some because i wanted it to stop lagging because i thought that would help) so i dont think its the amount of mods


    Im using WIN and i have 8GB RAM if that helps


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