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    Thanks so much for the long, involved, time-consuming, challenging, sometimes frustrating but utterly consuming modpack!! :D


    I played a much earlier version for a while and had to take a minecraft break for an illness. When i came back i saw that the pack had had many updates and so i started anew. I was completely absorbed for  weeks and loved the pack. I played constantly and left it afk everynight, lol.


    I have completed all the quests up to finishing the highest tier extended crafting table, but I have never really seen the point in the creative stuff, so i'm calling it done for me. I had a blast and learned a lot about a lot of mods that i had never bothered with. 


    I know this had to take a lot of your time and I appreciate the great pack!!!!!!   Thx, Thx, and Thx again ;)

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