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    posted a message on fps should be higher on good pc

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     I am able to run above 200 Mods on MC 1.12.2 with Cinematic Kuda Shaders (Or Cuda, I can’t remember), Sphax PureBDCraft 256x (512x @ 22FPS), and my basic Video Settings were: Fancy Graphics, 14 Chunks Render Distance, Smooth Lighting COMPLETELY OFF...
    And my Tower Specs are very similar:
    HOTBOX, has 16GB DDR4 RAM, NVMe M.2 SSD + 2 other disks, NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB, Intel Core i7 7700k @ 4.8GHz. just in case that was needed.
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    posted a message on [IntCompGad Mod Upload issue] Please help! this is just plain ridiculous...

    So, when I try to upload ANY New version of my mod to the mod's page In the ZIP File Format, someone just keeps on rejecting them, for appearingly no reason whatsoever.

    I have uploaded all of the JAR file format versions, but My BETA and ALPHA and TESTING Builds of my mod are usually in the ZIP File format, but I can't upload them!

    Please help me, and whoever the heck is stopping me, please don't do this anymore, there is NO DIFFERENCE in the stuff in the file either.

    Please HELP!

    Also, I could not find anywhere else to ask/put this within, so please don't just say that, because that is not helpful at all, unless you KEEP THIS HERE for people to respond to, BUT TELL ME where else to put this, and yes I DID LOOK ON THE TWITCH FEEDBACK PAGES!

    Please do not just reject this thread and delete it, because that is NOT HELPFUL whatsoever. I will just put it right back.

    IF I HAVE TO PUT IT ELSEWHERE, please don't delete this either, so helpful people can help me out still over here too, BUT PLEASE DO TELL ME where else to post this stuff up there.

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