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    I am experiencing a strange issue in my modded 1.10.2 play through. The first time I start the launcher and go into my world, with cheats enabled I am always given the " you do not have permission to use that command" message. Cheats had been allowed upon world creation. If I want to have cheats  available I have to save and quit and restart . The reason I noticed this was because the first time I played had played for a while died and re-spawned at world spawn and not my spawn point and also lost some of my progress and items. Tested this a few times by shutting down the launcher restarting and playing, I created some new tools enchanted a few things saved and quit, but upon reloading all the tools I created and enchanted were not in my inventory only the tools that I had when I started up the save file, also i was not in the same world position that I should have been in but rather in the position when I first loaded my save. 


    This happens all the time even in newly created worlds, I thought it might be save file corruption but like I said it happens in newly created worlds. This happens every time I close the launcher and the re-open the launcher to start playing as long as the launcher remains open I have no issue. 


    Using the latest version of forge as well as the recommended version still have the same issue. Any thoughts?


    Edit: This happens even when the launcher stays open, it doesn't happen if I leave the splash screen running and then I re-start.  Do I need to update the launcher and how do I do it in the New Launcher?

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