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    posted a message on Minecraft R.A.D (Windows not responding.)

    Sorry if i am posting this in the wrong spot. but i am running into an issue.


    I have been playing R.A.D with a few friends for about 3 weeks.

    And all of a sudden when i am playing i randomly get windows not responding.

    but when it happens the window not responding happens every 3-7 seconds until i relaunch the game.

    Even at the main menu this happens after it starts up with the issue.


    I get about anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours until this bug happens. but lately its been happening all the time.


    idk why this is happening and the crash code is always -1


    here are things i tried


    1. Allocate the ram to 10GB as i have 32GB of ram

    2. Updated Drivers

    3. Reinstalled minecraft

    4. Lowered settings to minimum even tho never had an issue before.

    5. Updated Java to current version.


    I looked this issue up online and nothing matches the issue i am having.


    Can anyone help point me in the right direction?


    Thanks for your time 

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