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    Is there a mod or config file that will switch off update messages? I'm old fart (63 with little patience) playing 1.18.2 and running the latest updates for that version of game but keep getting intermittent update messages for some mods that are only showing up with updates for 1.19 or higher. Unless the CurseForge mods pages are out of date on previous versions of the game mods. I'd like to turn the messages off since I'm only on 1.18.2 because most content I like isn't available for newer versions yet and don't want to upgrade the game and loose them.

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    posted a message on Map problems - need help suggestions

    When Journey map is installed treasure maps don't show "X" and game lags bad

    When Journey map removed and Xaero's Minimap installed "X"'s show up ok but Xaero's Worldmap won't install without crashing system.

    I want both a world map, mini map and working treasure maps but can't seem to get them all to work together.

    PC running 1.18.2 on Intel Xeon CPU E5-1650 v2 @ 3.50GHz RAM 16.0 GB NVIDIA Quadro 600


    Any suggestions?

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