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    I'm MrFlacko. The Owner of PlexusMC

    I have been involved this server for the last 3-4 years, since it first became a thing. I was originally the Head-Developer for this server back when the first name was Galactic Kingdoms. Due to the Owner not being able to fund the server, I then made a deal with him for me to take ownership, and after a brainstorming session in a discord call that lasted an hour better about 5 staff members. We came up with the name Plexus.

    Since then the server has gone through a total of 5 iterations after Galactic Kingdoms (Currently on the 5th). We have came a long way and developed out staff policies and the way we run our teams in a way that suits most people. The server was built of staff and player criticism and is designed to be fitting for as many people as possible to provide the best possible working conditions for the staff, and show care for the player, playing the game.

    I hope I can see one of you as a new staff member on Plexus and I look forward to getting to know you :)

    -MrFlacko (Joshua)

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