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    Hi guys,  i recently started playing mc again and i realized most servers nowadays are commercialized, minigame servers with a pay to play model, i dont like this so i decided to start my own server, this is the first time i also decided to start my own modpack, i have created a modpack with tech weaponry and magic and im currently running a alpha version on a dedicated server.


    I was wondering, are there any people that have a lot of experience with either server building, modpack building or the actual content of the mods (mainly tech) themselves, i know how to build a server, have done if often enough, however building a modpack is new for me, i played FTB ultimate back in the days and was in love with it, i want something like that but with more weaponry and a server with recources and world border. For example, imagine using the immersive petroleum mod to fuel your mrcrayfish vehicles, gives oilfields a strategic utility, or steel plates for guns etc, if anyone shares my love for modded towny roleplaying and has something to add please contact me!

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    Hi there guys, im developing my own modpack for an rp server with more tech and weaponry, i made a server and everything seemed to work fine until at a random point in the survival gameplay i couldnt break blocks anymore, they drop their item but i cant walk through them because of an invisble barrier, same with opening doors, very glitchy, can someone advise me what type of mods are the heaviest on for tps on server? or is it my client connection. i will give some debug logs and my modlist


    latest debug log: 





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