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    Hello, so today I was looking at my modpack's description today and I realized there was an error saying:

    Your project description contains links to files on your computer. These links will not work within web browsers.
    - file:///C:/Users/Brody%20Girton/curseforge/minecraft/Instances/RevCraft/screenshots/2021-03-30_09.56.45.png

    This error confused me because all of my images in my description link to Imgur not to actual screenshots from my computer.

    Can anybody help me?


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    In reply to djromrell:

     so acually it was the ambience mod, I'm not sure why it would cause the hitboxes to crash my game when I hit a mob

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    Hi, so I have been developing a new modpack and my first ever modpack at that. I tested my modpack after I installed a few mods and discovered that after I attacked a mob, my game froze and then crashed. I'm not sure what mod is the conflict here, so I hoped some people could help me here. Any help is appreciated 


    here is the crash log



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    Hi, so I posted my modpack on curseforge yesterday and was wondering how long does the moderation process for modpacks take?

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