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    Hi, I looking for someone who can Programming something for me in Minecraft Forge. I want a cash register mod. I am playing on the version 1.12.2. First of all I want a function that I can scan items (with the item on hand and with a right click) and get at the end a receipt (with nothing on hand but sneaking and right clicking) (inspo: https://mukanote.com/download/cashiermod/ ). I would like that I can save money in there (I have my own money system as item so I don´t want a new money system only some storage) and open it with a right click (with nothing on hand), that I can also save items in the cash register with prices and when I scan the Items that on the receipt are the items with prices. And it would be also cool that I can see with a left click on the cash register (and no item on hand) what items I scanned (with prices), what would that all cost together and that I can delete items when I scanned them to often or something like that. And only the owner can use the cash register (and the owner can add and remove people who also can use the cash register). I also need like a shopping bag with 9 slots where I can put any items in there (I don´t need a high textured shopping bag only a bag u see its a shopping bag or you downloading a texture idc). I hope you can help me with that. And I don´t really care if you put something from the internet in there (inspirating from other mods or copy it I only want to use it for me and my friends for role playing) 😄 So if you are interested and have fun do programming, send me a private message! We can talk  about that (and also the price but I want to say I don´t have biggest budget of the world but you can still earn money and maybe have fun to do that^^). The payment will be Fiverr so both sides are safe (and for the scammers: I don´t pay you with BTC or PayPal don´t even try it I´m not dumb). I hope I´m right here to find someone who really want to help me.



    With best regards 

    PS: sorry for my bad english but I try my best to write understandable as possible.  ^^

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