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    My son wants to create a series on his YouTube channel around the game Five Nights at Freddy's, but in Minecraft. He has already designed and created the map in Minecraft that he wants to use to record the series in. To start with, he and I will be creating about 6 or 7 episodes that will be acted out by characters in the minecraft map, the characters are all characters from the Five Night's at Freddy's game. Depending on how things go will depend on how long the series will be.


    We are looking for up to 6 people who can spend time with us to act out and record the scenes. Each person will then be given a character to voice and act out, and we encourage making the character your own.


    Characters are:
    Balloon Boy - taken
    Foxy - taken
    JJ - Girl
    Chica - Girl
    Funtime Foxy - Boy
    Puppett - Boy
    Circus Baby - Girl


    We are based in the UK but want to include anyone from around the world. We will do most of the recording on the weekend and around a time that is best for everyone.

    This is a fun project that he wants to give a go, so please let me know if you are interested.


    We have created a Discord channel for this:

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