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    Quote from FirefrostX >>

    Any chance of adding either Refined Storage or Equivalent Energistics when it's updated? Or both?

     Yes this would be realy nice!
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    Quote from Timin8ore >>

    Hey great fan of this mod and the predecessor. But whenever I try to update the profile it comes up with a message saying "Cannot update: Profile in use in another application, please close any files which may be open in another program" (see screenshot). But Twitch is the only thing open on my computer.


    I just turned my PC on so nothing is running in the background that I'm aware of. Anyone know how to fix it?


    This seems to be a problem in the Twitch Client. If a PC-restart doesn't help, try to reinstall the modpack or the Twitch Client if this problem is also happening on other packs. 
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    Hello everyone, I run a fairly powerful root server. This is already running a Modern Skyblock 3 server with 100 slots. The pack will be updated regularly. 


    Modern Skyblock Server

    IP: yt-gamer.net:25566


    I am looking forward to your visit.

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