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    Hello I'm The owner and player of server i play on with my friends and we are looking for more people to join in and enjoy the rp just like we do. We are currently on a vanilla Rp season with plugins, we have a hub town, quests, and there's always something going on, our gods are run by one of our players who became the admin for it. When we get more players one of us will take up the 2nd admin slot to help him out, we use a discord to talk when we are playing but the rp is in mc chat, we have split teams right now so you can chose to join one or be a solo play its up to you, we are a small player base so we could really use some new friends to come any enjoy the rp. We do have simple rules like no griefing, stealing is allowed if its in the open or if you break into someones vault by finding out the code to get in. So in short we are a group of people who are just looking for some new players on our rp server, if you decide to join then welcome to the world of arcadia. Ps we are all various ages so age doesn't matter.

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