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    If you have Nvidia there has been a lot of issues caused by a recent Nvidia update. It was so widespread it was even reported on by PC Magazine. Hope this link to that article helps


     Thank you.  I had the January nVidia drivers.  I updated to the February release tonight and it corrected the issue.  It works fine now :)  Thanks again
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    I'm running Minecraft 1.11.2.  Java's updated to Version 8 Update 121.  Using LiteLoader for Minecraft 1.11.2.  VoxelMap 1.6.21 (latest for 1.11.2).


    Every time I try to load Minecraft, the Java binary stops working and Minecraft crashes.


    I've tried completely uninstalling Minecraft & Java, deleting the Minecraft folder and then starting with a fresh install of Java, Minecraft, LiteLoader and Voxelmap.


    I've also tried with and without my Resource Pack.


    If I delete the .mod file and just run Minecraft + Liteloader by itself, it seems to be okay.  But when it tries to load Voxelmap, it crashes.   It crashes just loading in to the game itself, I never get far enough to load a map.


    Any ideas?

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