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    posted a message on Need Help With Modded Server. Options Exhausted. Soul Sucked.

    Sent OP a DM, but I'm having a similar problem with a similar modpack, leading me to believe our problem may have the same root cause. It's the same deal where adding more mods makes the issue start rearing its head again, until eventually it seems like the exact combination of mods matters less than the total number of them.




    An earlier log with a somewhat different modlist seemed to be implicating Cobblemon specifically, but today's logs have said nothing of the sort and the Cobblemon devs who have looked into it seem as baffled as I am. I've got a thread going on their Discord server with more information.


    All things considered, it seems to me like upgrading to beefier server hardware might be a potential solution, but I don't want to commit to that unless I can be sure it's going to help.

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