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    Hello there!

    I see you have clicked on my forum post! Well thanks for clicking on it, I am here to tell you about my server and what makes it stand out!


    What is the Porkchop Survival Network?

    The Porkchop Survival Network is a survival server which aims to bring the original experience of minecraft survival back but better and more fun with more things to do. Build the biggest house! Become the richest player on the server! Get to know everybody in our Discord! Conquer the Nether! Become the most feared PvPer in the arena! The choice is yours. We just want you to have fun playing our server as we are going to build a loving community of Minecrafters that want to have a good time!


    What makes this server stand out?

    We have many fun plugins installed, including McMMO, LandClaiming, Chairs, ActionHealth and more! You can get to know our community who all love survival and just want to have a good time! Do whatever you want (As long as it doesnt break the rules of course) We designed this server for the community to have fun in. Not for the money like lots of other servers, but simply for the fun of minecraft.


    Server IP:

    Discord Server



    Server Rules

    [1] Do not disrespect or harass any members of the server
    [2] Do not use hacks, exploits or blacklisted applications on our server.
    [3] Do not grief, steal from, or harm another players land in our server.
    [4] Do not advertise other servers on our Discord or server.
    [5] Have Fun!
    Thank you for viewing our server and I hope we see you soon!
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