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    Quote from Muet >>

    To be clearer, i had updated the GeForce Game Ready Driver to Version 378.49 which started to cause the issue. The version that i rolled back / re-install is the GeForce Game Ready Driver 376.33

     Yup! Nearly forgot I installed the new driver at 2 AM.
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    As always I can never leave well enough alone. In this context, I mean that I changed the pack just a tad. There are so many mods I was apprehensive about adding more, but I just had to add one of my favorites - AetherCraft! This did take a few config changes due to the "skyblock" type environment, but finally I've got it feeling just as difficult. I restarted my world, deleted the wireless energy source encased in the bedrock and began the dirt/cobble grind all over again. This time though my cobble gen was up within  just a couple of MC days :) I still haven't been able to get all the resources to start AetherCraft, but when I do I think I'll have more fun than ever with this pack. If anyone is interested in adding AetherCraft to their pack, let me know and I'll post the configs that are Davy Jones' Locker friendly.


    EDIT: Also, if I do post I'd love suggestions, because I've really only done the items I've come across in the pack so far.

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