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    FourKingdoms Network


    IP: play.fourkingdoms.net


    Discord: https://discord.gg/8A9r445ZSU


    We here at the FourKingdoms Network are trying to grow for a bigger community who have alot of fun playing on the server and would like to help us grow the server into multiple gamemodes at some point.


    We are striving for a community that is built on friendship, respect and most important… FUN! What is a community without having fun? The staff team is trying to do their best to make the best experience for the players and if you have any problems you can always tell us.


    Server information:


    Survival is a server with a nice and active community. We are using plugins that add some extra grind to the game. You can decide that you want to be the richest on the server, or the one that just builds amazing houses or someone who just plays for fun. It is all possible in this server.

        Land claiming

    To keep your house safe from others you can claim land with the land claiming plugin we use. To claim a land it cost in game $ which you can earn by doing different things. Take a look at Shops and economy.


    You can create your own player shop in this server where other player can visit you and buy or sell stuff at your shop. This is a good way to have a income without doing too much effort.


    The economy is based on in game $ which you will need for landclaiming and trading with other people. In the future the money will be more usefull such as house renting so you have a spot in the spawn where you can live or start your shop.


    We do have jobs in this server that will give you money while you are playing. You can be a miner, fisher, explorer and much more.


    FourKingdoms Network | Links
    Discord invite: https://discord.gg/8A9r445ZSU

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    In reply to mrellegibward:

    Yes it is still open, you are welcome to join

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    Server name: Four Kingdoms
    Game version: 1.16.4
    Connection address: play.fourkingdoms.net
    Opening hours: open 24 hours a day
    Discord: https://discord.gg/fTT7CkKJFA


    Are you searching for a unique survival server that gives you the feeling like you’re playing a new version of minecraft? Then stop looking further and start reading this post. On this server we have a concept called ‘Kingdoms’, I will explain what this means.



    The server got five kingdoms, and yes I know it’s called Four Kingdoms but that is the brand name before we had to rework it after a great start. The server is focused on Roleplay, Medieval building style, PVP and PVE events coming in the future updates. Work together as a team in your kingdom, alone you won’t survive. Build together, fight together, mine together, roleplay with eachother and most important have fun together!

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    Four Kingdoms 1.16.4

    ip: play.fourkingdoms.net


    Searching for a unique server that gives u a new experience to minecraft again? Then look no further, we feel this is the server that is made for u! On this server we have a concept called Kingdoms, there are 4 kingdoms on this server. The server is focused on medieval style with survival combined with Roleplay, Building, Wars and the most important, Creating a community! It also has the old combat system from 1.9.


    So what are those kingdoms?

    Every Kingdom has his own land where u work together to create a great city and landscape in medieval times. Build together, mine together, fight together against a other kingdom. And most important have fun together!
    There are 4 Kingdoms with a little storyline which might help u pick a Kingdom.

    A long time ago, the Edolian's were sailing the wild seas trying to find new land. What they were looking for was a land that was not yet inhabited and where they could live in peace and start the new beginnings. After the Dooming War their entire kingdom was shattered to pieces and not much was left. It was time for a change. After sailing for a long time their ships crashed into thick layers of ice. When they started exploring they realise the land was covered in snow. Some of the survivors didn't make it in the freezing temperatures, but the ones who did started calling it home.

    They built up a big settlement. But as the years passed a part of the island started to see change. Grass lands, trees, fertile land and for how the Edolian's saw it new possibilities. It was a gift from the old gods.

    Everything looked perfect. But one day other ships were spotted on the horizon. they sailed passed the land for now but many fear there will be a day where the ships will return. And when that day comes it might be the end of the long living peace.Put your spoiler here.


    In the old days Crania was known across the world as the richest land of them all. It has so much land some say the old king didn't even know what to do with many of it anymore.Gold, Diamonds and Emeralds, all the ores didn't matter to this kingdom since they had plenty of it. But nothing lasts forever. When the Dooming War arrived on the front steps even the biggest army known to man couldn't end it. Therefore Crania fell. The last kingdom of the old world destroyed by the Dooming War.

    The few people who survived fled and tried to find new land. For months they sailed trying to find new land. But all the luck they once had was gone now. Finally after most had given up hope they found land. From the distance they saw it was inhabited and a very cold land. Their hope was once again back and they sailed further for a couple more days.And there it was. After all the time sailing they found a smaller piece of land that was not yet inhabited. They decided to live there with the few people they had left.

    They started setting up again, and for the most part it seemed like everything was good for a while. The old King got sick. The people knew it wasn’t going to be long before the king would fade. The last words the king spoke followed: “One day we will become great again, One day we will be richer than we used to be, I will make sure the next king will be a great ruler. He will bring back the old ways.


    Born and raised in the desert, nobody comes out there to find out what there is. On the surface there is waves of sand, but what lies under the sand is wealth, diamonds, emeralds, gold, iron. Everything you can dream about is hidden under the sand.

    A perfect place to collect minerals to trade with other kingdoms. The camels and horses were having a hard time in the desert heat but over the years they have gotten used to it. Our ships size turned out to become the biggest in the world.

    One day the largest trading city will be located in our kingdom, says the King. They will see us and everyone would want an alliance with us. Strong warriors, merchants, and in a wonderful way we have found a way to harvest our food. In this dry desert with little water, we're the best inventors out there.


    Always sailing the sea looking for new kingdoms to attack. Their main source of income is plundering kingdoms. Experienced warriors who fight to the death, they don't fear anyone. In the old days these warriors always destroyed settlements, took the loot and left again. But these islands they found give them many opportunities and they notice the wealth of the other kingdoms around them. They do not intend to leave here anymore and want to build a city that will stand for many years.

    Unique experiences:


    Survival: On this server it's only survival, no creative to spawn in stuff for players. Only the owner/admins/builders will get gamemode when they need to build something for a event. So it's all survival and u don't see that often anymore on alot of servers.
    Trading: In this server there is no money like most servers, there are emeralds as a trading currency. With emeralds u can trade in the Center Of the World at the trading town. U can buy all kind of rescources, enchanted books and a lot more!
    Roleplay: This server has storyline created by the server itself and it will find place in events. But u can roleplay with other kingdoms if u want to interact with other people. Be free to do what u desire, marry someone from a other kingdom, assasinate someone (u must arrange this with the other person though :) and let ur creativity be free.
    Wars: However the roleplay alone can be boring sometimes. That is why we arrange wars and every king can set attacks on another kingdom. U are not allowed to randomly attack a other kingdom 24/7, I mean in medieval times that also didn't happen.

    How to join?

    Joining the server is very simple. Join the discord and read the rules, then apply for a kingdom or join the server and join a kingdom instantly. But then u miss the backstory of each Kingdom, it is good to know people from the Kingdom.
    Discord link: discord.gg/gAx2ua57U7
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