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    posted a message on Looking for testers/opinions for a huge upcoming MMORPG server

    Looking for testers/opinions for a huge upcoming MMORPG server
    As the title states, I'm in search of dedicated volunteers that are willing to playtest/give out opinions over the long span of development.


    The server is titled "Mursu Realm". It will feature an abundance of classes unique to its kind, deep, intertwined lore, alot of generic RPG elements as well as a large amount of features unique to the server itself!


    Any volunteers that are willing to wait through the process of development and give opinions or test along the way will be rewarded with a permanent exclusive status in our community as well as an in-game rank. You volunteers are what will help create the server from its roots.


    You will not be required to invest a large amount of time into the project at all, neither do you have to possess past experience in the field. What's most importance to us is your presence in the community.


    Interested in joining? Here's our Discord:


    I hope I've been able to win a few of you with this very short post, and will be incredibly happy to accept anyone into the volunteer program!
    - Nem


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