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    Hi Everyone !


    First, I am a very old player of Minecraft since I buy it in the beginning of 2011 (seems like an eternity to me).

    I probably stopped playing it 2 years later.

    Up until  recently I decided to come back to it as I saw pretty cool updates from the Dev teams.


    From my previous experience, I was found of Dimension Mods like The Aether, The Twilight Forest, etc ..., and some other super cool mods (Buildcraft, Mo'Creatures ...)


    My point is, which version of Minecraft should I play with?

    As I said, the updates up to MC 1.18 seems gorgeous, but a lot of mods I loved seem stuck to MC 1.12 despite being recently updated (Erebus, The Betweenlands)


    If not MC 1.12 or 1.18, is there an intermediate Minecraft version to be recommended that add most of the official updates and mods from the community?


    Thanks in advance!

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