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    Plexus MC

    Plexus MC is a network Severer dedicated to bringing players together and creating a great community!

    Plexus is under going a Towny server where we are looking for dedicated Plugin Developers and Plugin Configures to help us work on a well hosted server. Our server specs can be view bellow...


    Generation 1 > Plexus, under new management due to a deal with someone who worked from Microsoft

    Generation 2 > Microsoft Owner had personal issues which then resulted in the server being rebuilt and then became owned by MrFlacko

    Generation 3 > Plexus went for a design of a business with partial owners and co owners until the lack of developers

    Generation 4 > Plexus, new idiration with me partnered with someone and everything rebuilt in an organized way

    Generation 5 > Plexus MC being rebuilt by Nicky2107 along side Mrflacko

    Owner1 > armyman745, (Generation 0)
    Owner2 > amcurrent, (Generation 1)
    Owner3 > Mrflacko, gen2, (Generation 3)
    Owner4 > MrFlacko, Kyle_Broflovski, (Generation 4)

    Owner5 > MrFlacko, Nicky2107

    Server Specs

    2x 4c8t xeons
    48gb ddr3 ram
    2x 15K SAS drives in raid 0


    If you are interested in applying join our discord server for the right person payments may be organised


    Go to the applications channel and further instructions will be provided.

    Alternatively contact me privately on discord Nikki2107#1375

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