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    Hey guys, I am starting a new SMP (Survival Multiplayer). We will have two teams that you can choose from. 

    Light Vs Dark

    You can join either one of course. The two teams can compete in challenges against each other eventually. PvP is allowed against the opposite team, But dont take it too far or I will step in. 

    I would like to keep it small, five people for each team. (This may be changed later but will be around 5).

    You guys can vote on if it should be Modded or Vanilla (No mods.) 

    I will make a discord server for the SMP, but you guys can make a group for your team if you would like.

    I probably shouldn't have to say this but NO GRIEFING/STEALING!!! AUTO BAN IF CAUGHT!

    There will be stuff to decide on which is why i am making a discord server.


    Once we get enough people the server will open. It is a survival server and will be lots of fun. 


    See you on the server!!

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