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    posted a message on This is more a suggestion to fix a issue i noticed trying to use curseforge

    So Curseforge's download mechanic searches for the locaction of files but going throw each file for it and it only uses English letters or Numerical numbers so _-+= and similar other ones won't be searched and because of that you have to make a unque place for it where your downloads normally are to a different route because it can't search that so my suggestion is to add those characters to make it possible and easier for it find routes to those places  I do not know how hard this would be but i think this could help with some people not being able to use games like minecraft in its checking if dowloads because if a thing like name_ is at the star of its list it can't go through the path to get to .minecraft or where ever you download this stuff so if you add that to path through it it would fix this issue i got it to go through it different path but either making it clearer or this idea would allow to make it understandable easier and just so you know the error message is like "only can use english letters and numbers" which isn't very clear at first

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