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    Miner's World [White-listed,SMP]
    Come join us in an epic adventure, you'll never forget.
    Fight other players, roleplaying, SMP, Little rules, server wide events,
    chestshops, Currency, and coming soon banking system.

    You must be screened & fill an application first to join :)
    ( we want people that are like minded, mature and will follow the little rules we do have )
    Anti-cheat system.

    Head over to our forums and fill an application out :)

    or join our discord
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    posted a message on Miner's World (live streamer only / whitelisted )

    Miners world 👋⛏️⚒️

    A brand new white listed SMP ( survival multiplayer ) for live streamers only ! When your online n playing on the server , you MUST be live streaming also.

    Come ,  join a growing community , get  exposer, and most importantly have fun making memories with a tight nit group of livestreamers .

    The only four rules of the server are :

    1. When your playing you MUST BE also live streaming

    2. No hacks/cheating/hack clients

    3. No greifing ( i understand pranks but make it non-destructive please )

    4. Must be over the age of 16

    The server will be up 24/7, also the server will be for Minecraft Java version 1.14

    We also have a discord for voice chats and discussions

    Our Reddit will be up and running here real soon for fans & us to post on

    If you would like to join or learn more then comment "details" and I'll message you

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