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    NsMC is a server aimed at being old-school Towny server for a relaxed (hopefully) survival experience. If you wish to not join or start a town then you can play independently with land claim to avoid griefing and theft. The server hopes to bring back a more classic experience of a Towny server back in 2012-2013 using modern and updated plugins chosen to best resemble how the original plugins functioned and looked.


    If you want to play with others then its probably best you invite your mates as its just me atm :(


    Any help or questions then please contact me :D



    • Towny  

    • McMMO  

    • Auctions (chat based)

    • Jobs  

    • Landlord (claim land if you're not in a town, build and chest protection also)  

    • Chest shops (players and towns can create they're own shops)  

    • Ability to sell your items to earn money to buy land and other items  

    • An economy


    • No cheating

    • No griefing

    • Be respectful to others (this includes no doxing)

    • No abusing exploits

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