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    posted a message on Curseforge app "Forge Modloader installation failed."

    I have a problem when downloading or creating forge modpacks above version 1.16.5.

    When it shows "Applying patches 2/6" it gives me an error "Forge Modloader installation failed. Learn more".

    I tried "Repair installation", my internet connection is good and i tried reinstalling curseforge.





    Uhm so now i will tell you how:
    First when the error showed i clicked on learn more then i clicked on make sure in the Modloader installation failed below the image.

    And i already did the 3 steps but that didn't work BUT below the two images there was more

    1.when i scrolled down first i didn't know it would help

    2.i didn't know what Hosts File is

    So now i tried How to reset the Hosts file back to the default and it worked.

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