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    I am happy to announce the first release of my new mod pack Cinders.


    Cinders is set in a world that has literally been burned to ash by previous conflicts. The entire overworld consists of a single biome (Volcanic [Island] from Biomes o Plenty, modified using Biomes Tweaker, and made the only biome via Lonely Biome) and is pretty inhospitable. You begin play with a few items (and all the guide books from various mods) including some armor, wood, flint, torches, matches (Realistic Torches are a thing), toast (thanks Pam!), and a basic backpack (from the Iron Backpacks mod).


    Your main goal for the first few days is to survive, but this is no easy task. The modpack includes Tough as Nails, so thirst and heat are your enemies and almost all sources of water are deep underground (assuming you use Realistic Terrain Generation, which is the recommended setting). In addition you need to shepherd your water carefully, as it's not infinite in this world (though the lava is). Fortunately it still rains upon occasion and there are several types of tanks that will collect rain water for you.


    Your biggest environmental challenge is going to be heat, in addition to the biome being hot just being near lava ramps up your heat quickly which can lead to a painful death due to hyperthermia. You can mitigate this a bit by going deep underground, or high above it (mountain top bases are pretty cool already....), but even with that you're going to need to take the occasional dip in a pool of water.


    In addition to vanilla mobs the pack also feature EnderZoo and Lycanites Mobs, most of which are out to kill you, and they're very good at it thanks to the Rough Mobs and Epic Siege (Mod II) mods. They will amass and come after you, joining forces to hunt you down and murder you. Zombies will intentionally destroy light sources, crops, and rip up dirt in their efforts to get to you. In addition zombies will occasionally spawn with tnt and pickaxes and will attempt to use them to mine and blast their way to you, meaning your first order of business should be strong walls and possibly low grade turrets from the Open Defense and Open Modular Turrets mods.


    Once you've managed to survive and set up a base of operations you have several choices. You could try to escape the doomed planet with Advanced Rocketry, or you could terraform the world around you, rebuilding from scratch with the Minecolonies mod, or escape to other realities using RFTools Dimensions. The options are extensive, and nearly endless with over 250 mods worth of choices.


    How will you progress in a world reduced to Cinders?


    (As always, all mods involved in this pack are the property of their creators and all credit should be given directly to them, if you enjoy a particular mod consider donating to the author or if you're low on funds, just letting them know how much you enjoy their work.)

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