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    play.skyroyale.net || 1.8 - 1.14 compatibility

    ───────────────────── ❰❰❰★❱❱❱ ─────────────

    Welcome to SkyRoyale! We're a skyblock server that puts the players first, with constant communication between the staff and the players, and features to keep you engaged and having fun on our server. From emerging content creators, to persistent updates, SkyRoyale is the place for you!


    ★First Place :$300 Store Credit

    ★Second Place: $200 Store Credit

    ★Third Place: $100 Store Credit


    ➤ Extremely dedicated owners!

    ➤ Supportive staff, there to help you!

    ➤ Growing community!

    ➤ Amazing custom plugins!

    ➤ Generous Giveaways!

    ➤ Get OP crate keys from mobcoins!

    ➤ Rewarding lottery system!

    ➤ Envoy drops every 3 hours!

    ➤ Stackable spawners and mobs!




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