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    Server IP - mc.WarOfEitr.com

    War of Eitr has been an ongoing project for me for some time now. I've been looking for a way to

    revive players love for community-driven towny servers while bringing in enough new content to keep the server

    interesting. That's what brought about War of Eitr, a Survival RPG towny server.

    The server will be split into 3 realms, Towny, RPG & The War.
    Although currently only the Towny world is live. Once we're happy with
    this we will continue to work on the other realms.

    This is the first realm and the one that will be open on launch is the Towny world, a relatively safe area where the
    main threats to players will be PvP from rival towns and rouge bandits. Players in the towny realm are free to mine,
    build anything from a small hamlet to a huge sprawling city and PvP anywhere they like.


    This is a custom world, to be built entirely by the team. It will focus on a few questlines that help to build on the lore
    of the War of Eitr. Quests will reward players with currency, items and
    special weapons to use in other realms. The world will reward
    exploration with hidden dungeons and side quests. This realm will be in
    ongoing development for the life of the server bringing players new
    items, areas, quests and challenges.

    To ensure that the server launches as quickly as possible this will be
    put on hold, to begin with and instead will be replaced with challenging
    instanced scripted dungeons. Dungeons will be a lot more practical to
    create and will give more replayability to players by giving randomised
    loot for each run. Dungeons will have dynamic difficulty to ensure that
    different group sizes can run these dungeons.

    The War

    For now, our final realm and one that won't be seen on the server for a
    couple of updates. This is the server's war world. We will run
    time-based events on smaller prebuilt battlegrounds. Events will rotate
    between Town vs Town PvP battles, free-for-alls, PvE survival and many
    more. Participants and winners will receive unique rewards.

    So what are we looking for?

    Every and anyone is welcome, and having community-based feedback will be
    very important every step of the way. If you'd like to help out testing
    the server and don't mind a couple of bugs here and there then we
    definitely need you. It's always good to have people to give feedback on
    the direction we are taking. So far I have been the only one working on
    the server.
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