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    posted a message on Yet Another Exit Code 0 Crash at Startup: "Failed to find Minecraft resource version 1.16.3-20200911.084530"

    so  i found out how to fix it i'm pretty sure. Click play on the modpack and it will open up the minecraft launcher, from there go to the instalations tab and click on the modpack , click on the more option under resolution and you will see jvm arguments . the first number you see is how much RAM is dedicated and so your modpack probably needs more RAM e.g. when i installed RLCraft it was at 409..... and i changed it to 809.... meaning 8gigs of RAm will be allocated and it worked . U might need to check how much RAM is needed for the mod. i need to do this everytime i want to load up the mod becuase even though i click save it resets. Hopefully this works for you guys :)

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